carolinas conference
on addiction and recovery
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Law and Order

Thursday, November 1

Please come for the special one-day track on Thursday, November 1,  Every day, in a multitude of ways, you have to deal with mental health and substance abuse issues.  It may be in your law firm or in your courtroom or in your daily pursuit of community safety and well-being—but mental health and substance abuse issues are real issues for you.  You will enhance your knowledge and understanding of the disease of addiction, engage in discussions on how to be part of a Community of Healers, and find tools to make your life and work more productive and satisfying.

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Integrated Care

Thursday, November 1

Thursday, November 1st.    As we create communities of healers, it is critically important to find ways to bring primary care physicians and their staffs into the healing process of substance-use disorders.  In addition to plenary sessions, participants will have small group discussions led by physicians involved in the movement to educate and train members of their profession on addiction issues.  They will look at models that work, both co-located and community-share, as well as learn better skills in dealing with their clients on the touchy issues of substance use, abuse and dependence.

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Brochure For Integrated Care


Treatment Center Board Members and Administrators

Thursday, November 1


Friday, November 2

This track begins on Thursday, November 1 at 6pm with a dinner and speaker.  Friday, November 2 will have plenary and workshops this tract is geared towards non-clinical leaders, such as administrators and board members, in provider organizations.  Its purpose is to give them an overview of the addiction process and enhance their skills in the areas they serve, such as hiring practices for the administrators and what it means to be good board members.  Participants will start this track with dinner and a speaker on Thursday, November 1 and conclude the session on Friday afternoon, November 2.

Click here for the Treatment Center Board Members and Administrators brochure.

Campus Issues

Thursday, November 1

Please join us on Thursday, November 1 for an all day special Track for college professionals. Following-up on work done at last year’s Carolinas Conference, we will hold a special track on Campus Issues, focusing on strengthening the knowledge and skills of campus counselors who are called on to deal with substance use, abuse and dependence issues.

Counselors will learn more about how substance abuse and dependence affect brain chemistry and how to work effectively with students suffering from co-occurring disorders.  Participants will learn more about new programs to educate students on the use and abuse of substances---what is working and what is not.  There will be time to share experiences with other counselors.

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