The Addiction Fellows Model is based on the

Resonance Organizational Development System (RODS) ©

by James M. Van Hecke, Jr.


November 19, 2007


Dear Addiction Services Provider,


I am pleased to announce the continuation of the South Carolina Addiction Fellows Program (SCAFP).  Funded by a grant from The Duke Endowment to Pavillon International and working in concert with DAODAS and our educational partners (MUSC, Clemson University, Duke Addiction Program and the Center for Creative Leadership), this program is designed to create a cadre of talented learners and passionate leaders in the field of addiction services in South Carolina.


We know that well over 10% of all South Carolinians are involved in addictive behavior, creating widespread and devastating impairment to individuals, families, employees and communities.  Within the business community addiction creates and fuels absenteeism and inefficiency, thereby impacting corporate profitability.  On an individual and family basis, addiction contributes mightily to poverty, dysfunction, abuse and neglect.  The widespread costs of addiction, in some way, touch nearly every family in every county of South Carolina.


Managed care, operating inefficiencies, increased caseloads, cutbacks in funding, and poor working conditions all contribute to a sense of dispiritedness among individual providers that results in an alarmingly high attrition rate.  The SCAFP offers a unique and quality learning experience for providers wishing to gain greater understanding and insight into addictive disease and the recovery process, experience personal growth, and reclaim the passion they had when they entered the field.


If you are interested in participating with a select group of providers in a program designed to improve your treatment and leadership skills, and if you want to make a positive difference in the delivery of addiction services in the state, then please make your application to become a member of the South Carolina Addiction Fellows Program.


Yours in service,



Jim Van Hecke

Director, South Carolina Addiction Fellows Program